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"Brave enough to care" Necessaire

"Brave enough to care" Necessaire

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Through its production center in the remote area of Muntigunung, North-East Bali, Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise produces a wide range of high-quality products, handmade with love and care by local families of Muntigunung.

The raw material is manually processed and gently dried, hand to hand, to employ as many people as possible, and to achieve high quality products.

Muntigunung products are created to secure sustainable livelihood development for over 5‘500 people in 35 villages in the poor and extremely dry region of Muntigunung.

Their skilled seamstresses have been hard at work since 2012 and are part of the Mutigunung Community Social Handicraft Enterprise. Most of them are mothers of young children who are former beggars. Their goal is not only to create employment opportunities for them within their community, but to help them be role models to their growing children by earning a dignified income rather than begging.

With the purchase of each bag you are making a valuable contribution to sustainably improve the livelihoods of families in Muntigunung.

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